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By IndoorGoblin, Feb 28 2016 02:18AM

The days and the weeks and the months are floating by like drifting snowflakes that transform into melty sludge-puddles, then into silvery pools of mirror-water, and then back into the magical atmosphere, waiting to be absorbed by their home clouds. It’s a month since my last post, and the song list is growing - though I must spend my hourglass-gold wisely. Although I have a list of 20 poetry-songs eager to be experimented with, I have chosen a set list of 10 to work on which I have been getting ready for my first IndoorGoblin gig in a months time. I am embracing new challenges with this project, but I am excited because I feel like I am making progress with developing and releasing my creativities.

My ‘DreamKite’ video appears to be delayed because of technology deciding it really didn’t want to be my friend for a while, which was sad because I thought I had it all under control; however, I have (kind of) got over this frustration and I know that if I keep working on it without giving up just because it is difficult, I will still be able to finish it before March is over - and even if after all my efforts the technology-weather decides to go against me, then I have decided to release the song anyway :)

SEND MAGICAL VIBES TO THE TECHNOLOGY-SPIRITS, PLEASE, AND I SHALL SHARE DREAMKITE VISIONS FROM THE MINDCLOUD. Until then, I will be continuing with my live set, to get it gig-ready :) Exciting!

Thankyou, kind mind, for reading,

IndoorGoblin +.+

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