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Hello, from the GoblinCave...

By guest, Jan 29 2016 12:48AM

...I have been making some glittery developments to my creative experiments. I am in the process of making a little video for a poetry-song called DreamKite, which is one of the various new sound-projects that I would like to share. Some of you may have seen picture-clues of my little plasticine IndoorGoblins appearing on my Facebook or Twitter pages, so that’s what those are all about - all will be revealed once it’s ready to share, patient doors will soon be unlocked. Once I release DreamKite on the internet realms, I will be able to begin sharing plenty more new IndoorGoblin sounds, which I will soon be playing through my little keyboard in the outside world - yes, that’s right, the OUTSIDE WORLD - IndoorGoblin must become OutdoorGoblin for a change. If you’ve arrived here through Sumita-Music and are intrigued about how these musical developments came about, then you can keep reading my rambly mumbles below, if you’d like, but if not then I shall just say thankyou for reading and I hope to see you at a performance in the soon-future.

- IndoorGoblin +.+

For those that previously knew of me through my Sumita-Music journey, I would like to thank you for staying with me through my vague musical disappearances. One of the things that used to frustrate me was not feeling able to present my brain-world to audience members because I didn't know how to - I had not learned those skills yet. I would stand there pushing my hands on the keyboard and singing words into a microphone and I would feel and I would see and I would hear everything come to life inside the mindcave, and I loved it…UNTIL I became more and more aware that not everybody could see my songs as I experienced them - they just saw/heard me pushing my hands on the keyboard and singing words into a mic, which wasn’t the ‘music’ that I had imagined in my head at all…my magical projections suddenly faded away, and I began to see and hear what I assumed that everybody else could see and hear when I played, which felt terrifyingly empty to my ‘real-world’ ears… and so that along with various other unnecessary and unenjoyable factors thrown into the mix caused the beginnings of a 7+month long argument with my piano, while I turned my focus of creative expression to pictures and poems in place of sounds and lyrics.

Eventually, through unexpected events of uninvited emotion, I forgave my friend Piano, and my ever forgiving Piano-friend forgave me too. I’m as glad that I stopped playing as I am that I started again. I rediscovered that this piano understands my untranslated brain-mess in a way that helps me to form an understanding of myself, and thought that it would be terrible to keep arguing with it. I decided, though, that if I wanted to present the mindcave to other people, if I really wanted to invite them inside this ‘world’ that I live in, then I must put in the effort to push further through difficult levels, picking up all the necessary tools and potions along the way. Sometimes it might feel like a slow process, me being the technology-idiot that I can often be, but I’m picking up tiny little technology-coins every time I complete a task or project. I’m finally able to be excited about presenting IndoorGoblin outside of the mindcave, and the first musical performance will be in March. Maybe I will see you there.

Thank you for reading.

Sumita (IndoorGoblin) +.+

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