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By IndoorGoblin, Apr 22 2016 10:20PM

IndoorGoblin has been unexpectedly busy recently, but is glad to be back in the goblin cave for a brief recharge - so while I’m here, I thought I would update this page with some more mumbles. As you know, I have now begun the process of performing live as IndoorGoblin, which is an exciting journey for me. It was a real privilege for the very first one to be at The Roaring Donkey in Swindon, and I was grateful to be given the chance to express brand new things. I am often hiding in there while other musicians play on a Wednesday evening - some of my GoblinScribbles have appeared in my notebooks from those evenings. I remember playing a Sumita gig there a couple of years ago, too, so it puts things into perspective of the passing of time and the things that have changed. It was so great to see some friendly faces come along to listen, and quite strange for me to go from being a silent person in the corner with a notebook to playing songs and talking to actual people who seemed to actually want to talk to me. This first GoblinGig filled me with the urge to do more and more, in order to get better at performing my songs, and that’s exactly what I began to do.

I did a few secret open mic nights to develop my confidence with trying out new songs, and I was surprised at receiving such kindness, and more surprised that recurring feedback seemed to be people mentioning my songs reminding them of Kate Bush (which I take as a giant compliment, whether accurate feedback or not) - it does amuse me, though, that years ago while playing as Sumita people used to comment saying I reminded them of Kate Nash, and now as IndoorGoblin people would mention Kate Bush. I wondered how long it would be until I could sound like IndoorGoblin. My second gig at The Blue Lagoon, Bristol was great amounts of fun, and I felt that the improvement between my first and second gig was a satisfying jump. It was useful to play in a different context, in order to grow on my performing experiences - from a quiet, intimate pub to a busy, coloured-flashy-lighty cafe-bar - I enjoy both of these atmospheres equally for different reasons. Again, it was great to see some friendly faces - after being in the GoblinCave for so long, I am really beginning to realise that I don’t have to feel so alone; I’ve always felt that with nature I can never be alone - the trees and the leaves, rather than people - but actually, the people connections that I have made through doing music have been such magical magnetic links that have kept me going without me even realising it. I am grateful to all the musical opportunities I am given - thankyou, kind people - and the great musical friends I meet along the way.

April 16th was Record Store Day, and I was really happy to be asked to play at Red House Records/Holmes Music, Swindon. As I wandered around the shop before the gig, I suddenly got all these flashbacks of buying music books there ten years ago, and once again I was getting a weird perspective/time passing thing going on, to add to the unnatural (or natural?) ’inner peace’ thing that is starting to happen to my mind these last few weeks. For this gig, I introduced new sounds to my songs, and it was really great to be able to hear the beginnings of my songs forming into how I would like them to be heard while performing them live. I thought to myself after playing about just how much I had enjoyed it, how different it felt to my past gigs, and how I knew I was going in the right direction for what I wanted to do. The sounds in my head are gradually going to become sounds outside my head, and this is the very beginnings of a wonderful experience.

I have various new GoblinSongs emerging and waiting on the list to be recorded and to share - from Dreamland, from Nightmareland - but this will happen in its own time - look out for them, they will appear when they are ready, I’m working on an exciting Goblin release but I’ll tell you more about that next month. I have a few different things going on at once at the moment, which is great because it shows the extent of my creatively-charged-ness, and having so many creative outputs is probably an explanation for my inner-peace. IndoorGoblin has been busy being OutdoorGoblin recently - yes, that’s right, I have been out of hibernation - this has been an experience in itself, and has resulted in another exciting shiny project that I have been working on, all will be revealed in good time (soon). Exciting things! Patient doors will be unlocked! Thank you for joining my journey, I am grateful. .*+.+*.+*

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