About 'IndoorGoblin'  {Sumita}

"IndoorGoblin is a minder of my inner fantasy realms. It's a character my brain created to express and translate my thoughts, to both myself and to others. I like creating art through IndoorGoblin, because I feel I can communicate more naturally through the language of metaphor. I enjoy exploring the mystical worlds of the imagination, and love inviting others to join me.


In my mind, the creative arts are all intertwined. As a songwriter (previously: www.sumita-music.com), I enjoy combining poetry with visual ideas and sounds. Whether my instrument of choice is piano, paintbrush, pencil, pixel-pointer or plasticine, it's all a translation of the secret worlds within; IndoorGoblin is a vehicle for expressing these ever-changing worlds in new ways, and I'm not afraid to embrace each idea as it appears. I have put my trust in this process, and by doing so, I have put my trust in myself. Climb aboard this daydream and share the journey with me, if you would like to."    


-Sumita (IndoorGoblin) +.+


Indoor Goblin Photo edit

IndoorGoblin  {Music}

IndoorGoblin is a solo project performed on keyboard, bringing you a collection of dream-poetry piano songs. IndoorGoblin hopes to present the imagination clouds through a mixture of musical creations, combining spoken word with story-singing, hypnotic piano loops and glittery glockenspiel melodies.


Past Performances/Showcases



August - GoblinScribbles Exhibition - Digital Innovations in Mental Health Conference, Westminster

May - 'Beworlded' live art show - Mad Hearts and the Art Conference, Queen Mary University London

May - 'Beworlded' live art show - MischMash Festival, Queen Mary University London




Friday 9th November - Poplar Union - Brainfart Cabaret, Mindful Mess Festival (8pm)

Friday 18th May - Darkroom, Swindon (7pm)

Thursday 11th January - The Victoria, Swindon (8pm)



Saturday 28th October - Darkroom, Swindon (7pm)

Monday 19th June - Mr Wolf's, Bristol (8pm)



Wednesday 30th March - The Roaring Donkey, Swindon (9pm)

Wednesday 6th April - The Blue Lagoon, Bristol (8.30pm)

Saturday 16th April - Holmes Music, Swindon (11am)

Saturday 27th August - Town Gardens Bandstand, Swindon (12pm)

Sunday 28th August - TREEFEST, Westonbirt Arboretum (11am)